Phoenix has continuous collaboration

With the Municipality Rouva for the construction of a cretan wild life rehabilitation center and for the manufacture and operation of afeeding area for voltures with observatory with educational and developmental character.

This activities are already is their starting stages.
Also various proposals of infrastructures and operations for a more varied approach of operations of municipality.
With the municipality Kofina and the forestry of Fates for the operation existing feeding area at mount Kofinas.

Proposal for a alternative use of dam of Plakiotissas so that it is capable to house migrating birds.
A line of proposals for progressive approach of different model of growth for municipalitys around the environment.

With the municipality of Arhanes for the management of mount Giouhtas.

With the municipality of Hersonisos for the ecological development and management of region Avdou in conjection with the Wild Birds and the flora.

With the Geotechnical Chamber Annex Crete on the sensitization of citizens round the unverifiable use of pesticides and the dangers for the public health.

For the organisation and the realisation of line of meetings in the hinterland of Crete on the subject the briefing of the residents of the modern methods of right agriculture and livestock-farming as for alternative ways of growth of hinterland consequently the creation of new professional orientations but also the respect in the nature and our Tradition.

With a lot of cultural associations in the entire island with subjects that concern the environment and a new model of growth of hinterland.

Has created a volunteer program in charge for the receipt, issuing of first aids and transfer to the CENTRE of CARE of WILD ANIMALS AEGINA of all wild animals of Crete that are in need.

In 2007 and 2008 roughly 150 vultures were received and 100 birds of pray .

Has organised releases with municipal, church and forestall institutions.
Always with the presence of schools and local residents of each region.

There have been released after their full recovery in the Centre of Care Aegina above 200 birds of prey and 30 vultures in 21 total releases.

It promotes individual cases, and news understanding that basic beginning of viable growth is the protection and promotion of individuality, after all uniqueness is priceless wealth.




Member of the European Wildlife Rehabilitation Association - (EWRA)

ANIMA - Wild Life Rehabilitation Center

Biologist, ornithologist, Director of Park –Island CONA

Expert in the VULTURE
Adviser of region FRIULI - VENEZIA - GIULIA
Adviser of Prefecture GORIZIA
Adviser of State of Slovenia
Office of Environmental studies NATUR STUDIO (

Association of Professional Stockbreeders of the Prefecture of Heraklion


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