Aim of Organisation that was founded in 03/04/2008 is.

The  culture and promotion of environmental conscience, the exercise of influence in the social institutions in order that they adopt charitable attitudes, behaviours and policies of management in a wide spectrum of activities that is related to the economy, the culture and in general the social action, and the education that is addressed in the wider public of citizens, the training and the benefit of specialised knowledge in special teams of interest, as well as the growth and distribution of scientific knowledge and research in that sector that promotes the social and environmental viability, the social justice and solidarity as well as the culture of common European conscience and spirit of collaboration aiming at creative coexistence different social, racial and cultural teams.

Mainly the organisation will deal with the applications of sustainable development  in all the forms as with the meditation of wild animals.

That’s why the organisation Phoenix

  • Promotes, organises and participates in educational and other activities
  • It promotes and it organises model educational and training programs aimed at students and adults (environmental education)
  • It promotes and it organises in collaboration with corresponding institutions all kinds’ of activities of briefing, education and sensitization that encourages the decentralisation.
  • It promotes relative with the aims of Greek scientific production and research in Greece and abroad. It organises and coordinates inquiring activities collaborating with scientific   – researching institutions.
  • It organises and it participates in initiatives that aim in the application of green economies in the private and public sector
  • It promotes, it organises and participates in cultural and artistic activities
  • It gives particular accent in the growth of alternative-soft forms of tourism.
  • It collaborates with suitable scientific institutions ~ scientists for the transport of right scientific know-how in the public and private institutions.
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