9-12-2014 Αpostoli - Amari

Meeting of the network Root (farmers) on the emergence of the problem of forest land in a regime where no clean title deeds.
Preparing the meeting in the Region of Crete.

27 and November 28, 2014 Heraklion Crete (Atlantis HOTEL)

In the context of implementation of "Local employment plans - TopSA" in the Region of Crete, the Network of Development Partnerships of Crete organizes conference on "Co-operating Socialy: International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Ideas»
http: //www.topsa / synedrio / programma.htm
The Phoenix presented the issue "Social Enterprise in Agricultural Economy"


In the Town Hall of the Municipality of Amari at 18h
Information event for residents and Amari authorities in question
"RES Green Development or Environmental destruction;"
The NGO Phoenix presented her position on the issue

16-11-2014 Gerakari Amari

Closed meeting with farmers of the Psiloritis Mountain area over the issue. "Forest Areas- Subsidies, Diversification of the agricultural profession "

November 9th - Panormos Rethymno.

Founding Meeting of the network for rural economy “Root”

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